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As the alliterative title indicates, Old Paulstown Stories won’t be updated for the foreseeable future. There are many posts on here to give you a flavo(u)r of the history and genealogy of the area.



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There have been a few publications that deal with different aspects of the history of Paulstown. Those listed below are the ones I am aware of. If you have another, that I have not listed, then I would be delighted to hear from you.

Drennan, Mrs. (1962) Paulstown Castle in Old Kilkenny Review. No. 14, pp. 45-55.

Dunleavy, John, J. (2006) Paulstown and 1798 in Old Kilkenny Review. No 58, pp, 120-128.

Dunleavy, John, J. (2007) A Short History of Paulstown, Self-Publication.

Paulstown Education and Historical Society (2007) Paulstown School Past and Present Paulstown, Kilkenny: Grange Silvia Publications. ISBN: 978-0-9534485-3-1

Prendergast, William (1943) History of the Townland of Paulstown with Map.

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Welcome all,

My name is Joe Buggy (Seosamh Ó Bogaigh as gaeilge) and I’m a professional genealogist from Ireland who lives and works in New York City. If you have any research needs my website is www.familyrecordsgenealogy.com and I can be contacted at joe@familyrecordsgenealogy.com

Old Paulstown Stories is about the history and genealogy of my home village, Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny in Ireland. It is an outgrowth of my genealogical work and will also included postings about the history of the area. I hope to build on the work of a few publications which have been written about the area. I aim to post new entries about once a week.

If you have come to this site through a search for the Buggy name then have a look at my Buggy Name History Blog – www.buggynamehistory.wordpress.com

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