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A report in the ‘news from Ireland’ section of the Kentucky Irish American newspaper outlines that a man named John Malay [sic, possibly Millea], living in Paulstown, celebrated his 102nd birthday in September 1898.[1] He worked as a labo(u)rer and the article states that, “the centenarian was engaged last week at Paulstown where his dexterity in handling the sickle won the admiration of all.”

During his life he was married three times and the article further adds that he had a vivid recollection of The Famine and the tithe wars in Carrickshock, Kilkenny.

[1] Author Unknown, Ireland in Kentucky Irish American, 17 September 1898, p.4; Chronicling America, http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov  :  accessed 10 July 2012


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A great story in the Kilkenny People newspaper from May 2012 outlines how Shortall’s from the state of Minnesota traced their ancestry back to Paulstown and met some of their Irish cousins.

Read it here.

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Walton – On the 10th inst., at his residence, Faraday street, Carlton, John Xavier Walton, of Paulstown, Kilkenny, Ireland.[1]

[1] Author Unknown, Deaths in The Argus, 17 October 1874, p.1; National Library of Australia, http://trove.nla.gov.au :  accessed 16 May 2012

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An article in an 1843 edition of the Southern Australian newspaper outlines how a number of searches were carried out in Gowran, and surrounding areas, looking for unregistered guns. A steward of J. Kearney (possibly James Kearney of the family who later become Aylward, residing at Shankill Castle) had been shot and the Under Secretary of Ireland had issued a warrant to the Gowran constabulary to carry out the searches.

The article takes the tone of an op ed piece and the author contends that the next series of searches should be conducted in the Paulstown area due to cabin holders having guns, powder and slugs. [1]

[1] Author Unknown, Search for Unregistered Arms in Southern Australian, 5 September 1843, p.4; National Library of Australia, http://trove.nla.gov.au :  accessed 16 May 2012

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On 16 December 1890 nominations were received by the Sub-Sherriff for Kilkenny at the County Courthouse. Mr. Vincent Scully put himself forward and was nominated by a number of men including Thomas Bowe, Paulstown and Michael Piece Brennan, Castlewarren. [1]

[1] Author Unknown, North Kilkenny Election in The Irish Times, 16 December 1890, p.5; New York Public Library, microfilm number ZY-R18 September – December 1890

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Arrested on Suspicion

The following short article in found in the 31 May 1869 edition of the Irish Times newspaper as reported from the papers correspondent in Waterford, the previous day (Sunday 30 May): [1]

Detective Brennan made an arrest upon suspicion of a man who was apparently a farmer’s servant, who was about to emigrate by the Montagu steampacket. The account the man gave of himself was that he walked from Paulstown, county of Kilkenny. He had no box or luggage of any kind. He gave the detective the name of Thomas Brophy, though on the passenger ticket which he held the name was Thomas Bowe. He had two new Bank of Ireland ten pound notes and two five pound notes in his possession. He declined to give any reference. He has been confined till inquiry concerning him has been made.

[1] Author Unknown, Arrest on Suspicion in The Irish Times, 31 May 1869, p.3; New York Public Library, microfilm number ZY-21 January-June 1869

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The Examiner, a London based newspaper, reported in 1841 that William Flood, J.P., Esq of Paulstown Castle, was arrested in Dublin and charged with “being riotous on the preceding evening” (Wedensday 12 May 1841) and calling out “to hell with the Pope and Popery.”[1]

[1] Author Unknown. Offenses in The Examiner, 16 May 1841, p.1; 19th Century British Newspapers  http://newspapers.bl.uk: accessed 7 February 2012

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