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Interesting observations from Mason’s 1816 publication A Statistical Account, or parochial Survey of Ireland (Vol 2) in relation to population food and fuel.


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The study of placenames has a long tradition in Ireland. Classics of the field include Joyce’s The Origin and History of Irish Names of Places, among others. The standout modern day effort is the work of the Placenames Database of Ireland.

More localized and specific examples abound and one such publication is the work of William Shawn Mason. In volume two of A Statistical Account or Parochial Survey or Ireland he gives the following origins for the townlands in the civil parish of Kilmacahill.

You can also see an accompanying map from a previous post.

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This map comes from the publication A Statistical Account or Parochial Survey of Ireland, Drawn up from the Communication of the Clergy Vol 2 and was written by William Shawn Mason. It was printed by the Hibernia Press Office in Dublin in 1816. In this publication a series of parishes from around Ireland are surveyed in detail. One of the parishes selected is Kilmacahill with information supplied by the Rev. William Latta who was the vicar of the area.

What makes this publication stand out from other surveys and topographical dictionaries is the inclusion of a map for each parish. The map below is on pages 332 and 333 with the legend of the map, also below, on page 347. The village of Paulstown is where ‘K. Chapel of Paulstown’ is marked. The map comes from before the standardization of townlands by the Ordnance Survey in the 1830s and as a result some of the names and boundaries will be different to today’s townlands.

The map can be clicked to enlarge.


1. Castlekelly    2. Woodville and Redbog   3.  Butlersgrove   4. Paulstown   5. Garryduff    6. Kilmacahill

7. Jordanstown  8. Ballinvally    9. Knockadeen    10. Kilure (part of Wells civil parish in Carlow)


A. Mount Rothe, William Barton, Esq.     B. Mr. Robert Burroughs     C. Castle of Paulstown, Henry Flood, Esq.

D. Mr. Perse Healy    E. Mr. Thomas Butler    F. Mr. John Anderson, at present uninhabited    G. Farm Houses

H. John Flood Esq.    I. Rev. William Latta    K. Chapel at Paulstown

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