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The Loyal National Repeal Association was founded by Daniel O’Connell in the early 1840s. Catholic Emancipation had been achieved in 1829 and this organization was established to build on this momentum. The aim of the organization was to repeal the 1801 Act of Union between Britain and Ireland and to set up a parliament in Dublin.

Funds were collected across Ireland and the world to help aid the organization.  A list of subscribers from Newfoundland, Canada appeared in the 2 September 1843 edition of the Freeman’s Journal. One name on this list is of a man originally from Paulstown, James Summers.[1]

[1]Heaphy, Mary, compiler. Irish Genealogy Project Archives Loyal National Appeal Association – NEWFOUNDLAND Pt 2 from Freeman’s Journal Newspaper 2 September 1842                                                                                                    http://www.igp-web.com/igparchives/ire/countrywide/newspapers/freemans025.txt : accessed 21 November 2011


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