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Kelly Park is located at the corner of Lawrence St and Melrose Place in Wodonga, Victoria, Austraila. An entry in the newsletter of the Wodonga Family History Society outlines that the park is named after Kellys who emigrated from Australia.[1]  It reads:

Three Kelly brothers left Paulstown in Ireland in 1850. Their sister Mary, who was employed in Sydney, paid their fare on the ‘Hilton’ as she feared that they may be conscripted for the Crimean War. They purchased an area of 80 acres, on which Kelly Park was a part of, from Mr W McFarlane in 1872. The majority of this land was heavily under vines. The Kelly brothers, and their family, cleared the land and farmed the property they called ‘Melrose’. [The] Council purchased the land in 1963.

[1] Burrows, Norma. 2012. Article in Borderline News, Wodonga Family History Society p.8. http://wodongafamilyhistory.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/WFHS-Newsletter-2012-02.pdf accessed 16 May 2012.


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The genealogy website From-Ireland.net, run by Dr. Jane Lyons, has a database of transcribed information from cemeteries in Kilkenny and Laois. Click here and type ‘Paulstown’ in the ‘Search Grave Records’ search box. In total there are over 300 records.

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I have recently added the titles of a number of publications that discusses aspects of Paulstown history. You can view them all in the ‘Publications‘ section of this blog.

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Througout 2012 the Irish genealogy website findmypast.ie has been digitizing and uploads records from the Irish Petty Sessions Courts. You can read about this here and here. In county Kilkenny there were two courts held very near Paulstown, one in Goresbridge and one in Gowran. The records from these courts are among those that have been put on the website.

Currently (June 2012) they have the following years:

Goresbridge 1854-1909

Gowran 1865-67 and 1893-1910

Any Paulstown residents who had a minor skirmish with the law would more than likely have ended up in the dock at these courts. Other Petty Session court records from Kilkenny and Carlow are also on the website such as Castlecomer, Carlow Town and two from Kilkenny City. You can view these records, via subscription, here.

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Findagrave.com is one of the main sites to go to for headstone information. An entry from Incarnate Word Cemetery in Missouri, USA has a lot of information from an obituary for Sr. Amabilis O’Byrne, who was born in Paulstown. It states she was 98 when she died in 1988, giving a year of birth of c.1890. Click here to read the entry.

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There has been female religious community in continuous existence in Paulstown since the 1830s. In this decade Rose Bolger of Acore and Peggy Carroll of Castlehill built a house and small shop on land owned by the Church and the bishop at the time, the famous Dr. James Doyle, permitted them to have The Blessed Sacrament in an upstairs oratory.[1]

For the next forty years those in the house sold good in the shop, made clothes, and looked after the sick and needy of the parish. They were also involved in teaching the girls of the village before and after the establishment of the girls’ national school in 1839.[2]

In 1845 the Congregation of St. Brigid received the approbation of Rome. The Mother House was located in Tullow, Co. Carlow.[3] In 1858 the Mother House founded a convent in Goresbridge with a local man, who had a niece in the Tullow congregation, financing it.[4]  From there a branch house was established in Paulstown in 1874[5] or 1875.[6]

The current Brigidine Convent building is located on the Waterford road, between the Kilkenny/Dublin road junction and the Goresbridge /Waterford crossroads. The foundation stone for the building was laid on 8 September 1928.[7] An image of the convent from 1932 is located in this pdf document on page 6. It also contains an undated photograph of nuns from the Paulstown and Goresbridge communities.

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[7] Paulstown Education and Historical Society (2007) Paulstown School Past and Present Paulstown, Kilkenny: Grange Silvia Publications, p.31

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A list of soldiers from county Kilkenny who died in World War I was published in the Kilkenny People newspaper in November 2011. The names of those from Paulstown are transcribed below.

Name / From / Date of Death / Place of Death

Gleeson, John / Paulstown / 29 May 1918  / Unknown

Gleeson, Richard / Paulstown / 4 September 1918 / France

O’Neill, Michael / Paulstown / 19 March 1916 / Unknown

Tobin, Edward / Paulstown / 21 April 1917 / France

You can read the full list here. I hope to write more in-depth articles in the future about those from Paulstown who fought in World War I.

I would like to thank a reader of this blog for directing me towards this resource.

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