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The first road map of Ireland was published in 1778, as surveyed by George Taylor and Andrew Skinner in 1777.[1] They had previously surveyed the roads of Scotland before raising 2000 pounds from the noblemen of Ireland to survey the roads.[2] Page 118 shows a section of the Dublin to Cork road from just north of Old Leighlin and Leighlinbridge in Carlow to Clara in county Kilkenny. This section of road passes through Paulstown. The village, and surrounding areas, can be seen on the right panel. About half way along the road is the county boundary between Carlow and Kilkenny (“Enter Kilkenny Co.”). Just above this is the relevant area, listing Shankill and Kellymount, with the roads forming an almost square shape. The Paulstown name is located slightly to the left and above these names, indicating the area where Paulstown Castle is located. The two prominent land owners of the area, Flood and Aldward (sic) are also listed.

The image can be clicked to enlarge.

[1] Taylor, George, and Andrew Skinner. Taylor and Skinner’s Maps of the Roads of Ireland, Surveyed 1777. [London]: Published for the Authors … Sold by G. Nicol … I. Murray … London and by W. Wilson … Dublin, 1778. Print.


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