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Many Irish people who came to the U.S. ended up in poor houses, almshouses and asylums. Some, for a short time, until they had the well being, contacts and resources to survive. For others, they stayed there until they died.  One entry in the registers for Westchester County (the county just above Bronx county, New York City) has information about a Mary O’Connor/Gorman who was born in Paulstown.[1]

If further outlines:

Name: Mary O’Connor or Gorman

Record Number: 3/1340

Date of Admission: 9 February 1880

Age: 60 / Single / Birthplace: Paulstown, Kilkenny, Ireland / How long in the US: 20 years / How long in the State: 20 years / At what port landed: N York / Birth Place of Father: Paulstown, Kilkenny, Ireland / Birthplace of Mother: Gordon (possibly the neighboring village of Gowran?), Kilkenny, Ireland / Education: None / Occupation of Father: Land Steward / Existing Cause of Dependence: Sickness and Destitution / What kind of labor is the person able to pursue, and to what extent: Light Housework / Has the person been an inmate of any other charitable institution: In Lunatic Asylum bd? 6 months.

A number of other questions are asked but answers are not provided.

[1] “New York Census of Inmates in Almshouse and Poorhouses 1830-1920”, database, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed 21 October 2011), entry for Mary O’Connor, 9 February 1880; citing: New York State Archives, Albany, New York; Census of Inmates in Almshouses and Poorhouses, 1875-1921; Series A1978, Reel A1978:88, Record Number: 3/1340


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This is a continuation from Information Wanted Ads I. Please read the first installment for further details and footnote information.

Michael Teahin – 1863                                                                                                                                                                                           Michael Teahin, Paulstown, Kilkenny, Ireland, your son and daughter are in Melbourne depot.[1]

Michael Connors – 1864                                                                                                                                                                                              From the townland of Paulstown, date of departure 1859, first location after arrival was Louisville, Kentucky. Patrick Connors, his brother, seeks information and can be reached at Gold Springs Post Office, Putnam County, New York. Date of advertisement 6 August 1864.

Patrick O’Neill – 1866                                                                                                                                                                                              Seeking person wants information, dead or alive. From the townland of Barnaphea (probably Baurnafea), Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny. Firs location after arrival was Sandfords Corners, NY in July 1855. Next location was Gregisville, Levings Co. NY. Michael O’Neil, his borther, seeks information and can be reached at Sandford Corners, Jefferson Co. NY. Date of advertisement 4 August 1866.

Patrick Phelan – 1877                                                                                                                                                                                           Wanted, Mr. John Nash of Melbourne, formerly of Royal Oak, Co. Carlow, Ireland, who recently communicated with Mr. John Doyle of Balyealls, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland to be good enough to send his address to Patrick Phelan, formerly of Garryduff, parish of Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny, now of Heargraves, near Mudgee, New South Wales.[2]

Patrick Finlay – 1886                                                                                                                                                                                                 Patrick Finlay, White Hall, Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. The last was heard of him thirty years ago eight miles outside of White Plains, NY. Wishes to be found by his sister, Bridget Burns, 168 Richard St, South Brooklyn.[3]

[1] Author Unknown, Missing Friends, Messages Etc. in The Argus, 27 August 1863, p.1; National Library of Australia, http://trove.nla.gov.au :  accessed 21 July 2011

[2] Author Unknown, Missing Friends, Messages Etc. in The Argus, 26 February 1877, p.1; National Library of Australia, http://trove.nla.gov.au :  accessed 21 July 2011

[3] Author Unknown, Personal in The New York Herald, 25 August 1886, p.1; America’s Historical Newspapers http://www.newsbank.com : accessed 24 May 2011

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A selection of papers from the House of Commons published in 1820 gives some details in relation to the Protestant parishes in the Paulstown area.

In a section with the title ‘An Account of the Churches and Glebe Houses’ it is outlined that in 1806 there was new churches built in Kilmacahill, Grange Silvae and Wells. Alternatively, this could mean that a new church was built to serve these parishes.[1]

It is further outlined that the parish of Kilmacahill has a rectory and the serving rector at the time is William Latta. The parish of Grange Sylva [sic] is also mentioned and also has a rectory. The serving rector is Thomas Gough.[2]

[1] House of Commons. 1820. Miscellaneous Papers Ireland Session 21 April to 23 November 1820 Volume 9. London: House of Commons. p.336

[2] Ibid. p.320

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After the Confederate rebellion in the 1640s vast tracks of lands were taken from the original landowners and given to adventurers and soldiers who had served under Oliver Cromwell. Published transcriptions from the Calendar of State Papers in relation to Ireland contain an interesting reference to what appears to be Henry Ireton, son-in-law of Oliver Cromwell, owning considerable amounts of land in Paulstown. [1]

Under the heading ‘Documents Relating to the Duke of York’s Claim in Ireland’, and dated 18 December 1667, a description is given of an address by the Commissioners of Settlement to the Lord Lieutenant (presumably of Ireland who was at the time was James Butler, 1st Duke of Ormonde) and Council. The address discusses how the Commissioners of Settlement were going about their business of settling new Protestant owners of the lands taken from their previous owners. It then outlines how they received a claim by a Doctor Robert Gorges, on behalf of the Duke of York (who at that time was James the II), that their work was unjust and illegal as the Duke was claiming many lands that were to be given to other people.

The following lands, amongst others in a number of counties, were claimed by Dr. Gorges on behalf of the Duke:

County – Kilkenny

Denominations and Acres – Shankill 1,702 acres, Jordanstown 224 acres, part of Garryduff 433 acres, part of Paulstown 355 acres

Former Owner – Henry Ireton

[1] Mahaffy, Robery Pentland (ed.). 1908. Calendar of the State Papers Relating to Ireland preserved in The Public Record 1666-1669. Office London: Mackie and Co.

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Below are the details of four people who gave their place of birth as Paulstown in the 1851 and 1871 censuses of England. The first is a prisoner with only his initials given. The second is an army corporal and more than likely a member of the famous Flood family of Paulstown. The third is a young army private and the fourth is a house servant.

1871 – Lewes Gaol and House of Correction, Lewes, Sussex[1]

Name: J.B./ Convicted  Prisoner / Unmarried / Male / 48 / Agricultural Labourer / Born: Paulstown, Kilkenny, Ireland

1851 – District Military Barracks, Weedon Beck, Northamptonshire[2]

John Flood / Soldier / Unmarried / Male / 27 / Corporal Infantry? Army / Born: Paulstown, Kilkenny

1851 – Catham District Barracks, Gillingham, Catham, Kent[3]

Michael Longworth / Unmarried / Male / 18 / Army Private / Born: Paulstown, Kilkenny

1851- 16 East Street House, District 2H, All Saints Parish, Southampton, Hampshire[4]

Elizabeth Morney / Unmarried / Female / 20  / House Servant / Born: Paulstown, Ireland

[1] “1871 Census of England”, database, Ancestry.com (www.ancestry.com : accessed 19 May 2011), entry for J.B. (age 48), Lewes, Sussex, citing GSU roll 827492,  Folio 122, p.6; Lewes registration district, Lewes subdistrict, ED Lewes Goal and House of Correction, household 1.

[2] “1851 Census of England”, database, Ancestry.com (www.ancestry.com : accessed 19 May 2011), entry for John Flood (age 27), Weedon Beck, Northamptonshire, citing GSU roll 87696,  Folio 124, p.21; Daventry registration district, Weedon subdistrict, ED Military Barracks, household 1.

[3] “1851 Census of England”, database, Ancestry.com (www.ancestry.com : accessed 19 May 2011), entry Michael Longworth (age 18), Catham, Kent, citing GSU roll 193511-193512,  Folio 446, p.45; Medway registration district, Gillingham subdistrict, ED Catham Barracks, household 1

[4] “1851 Census of England”, database, Ancestry.com (www.ancestry.com : accessed 19 May 2011), entry Elizabeth Morney (age 20), Southampton, Kent, citing GSU roll 193576-193577,  Folio 886, p.13; Southampton registration district, Southampton subdistrict, ED 2H, household 37

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