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I was luckly enough to get some publications in my Christmas stocking that contained articles in relation to the histroy of the Paulstown area. Both come from editions of the Old Kilkenny Review from the 1950s and focus on the civil parish of Kilmacahill and the old abbey in Kellymount townland.

The first is from the 1952 edition, Kellymount Old Abbey by Owen O’Kelly, pages 23-25.

The second is from the 1955 edition, The Ancient Parish of Kilmacahill by Sean O’Brien, pages 16-18.

More information on the Old Kilkenny Review and the Kilkenny Archaeological Society can be found here.

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Despite being a small village, Paulstown has been associated with people who have gone on to leave their mark in the history books. One such person was PJ Medlar (1885-1949). There is a very interesting article about him, and his family, on the Pue’s Occurances Irish History Blog, written by Pól Ó Duibhir.

You can access the article here.

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One of the most confusing things about Irish genealogy is the proliferation of different administrative divisions of land and the type of records associated with them. Some areas can be very confusing with the same name used for a townland, civil parish and Roman Catholic parish, with each of them covering a different area of land that overlaps into other administrative divisions.

So, to help with genealogical research,  I have a created a GoogleMap that shows all the different administrative divisions in the Paulstown area. When using this map it is best to ignore the place name labels provided by Google. I have used four main sources to create this map: the Kilkenny County Council online planning maps, the Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSI) online maps for Ireland, the OSI 6 inch maps from 1837-1842 and the OSI 25 inch maps from 1888-1913.

These boundaries provide some interesting observations and anomalies. The townland of Jordanstown is divided in two by the civil parish boundary between Shankill and Kilmacahill. The townland boundaries along the N10 road, as it passes through the village, show the outline of the road before it was modernised. Part of the civil parish of Kilure (which is in county Carlow and is the neighbouring civil parish to Shankill) is completely surrounded by Kilmacahill civil parish, in county Kilkenny. Just one of the countless anomolies in Ireland.

To get the best accuracy the map below is best viewed using the ‘Satellite’ tab. This will give a view down to the level of boundaries between fields and along roads. I have not included the townlands south of Kilmacahill and Paulstown townlands, in the Kilmacahill civil parish.

The colour codes for the boundaries are:

Blue- Boundary of Townlands

Red- Boundary of Civil Parishes

White- Boundary of County, Barony and Roman Catholic Parish

I have limited the map area to land covered to natural and artificial boundaries formed by:

Areas where satellite pictures have not been taken by Google (north and west)

The River Barrow (east)

Click here to view the map.

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